Up to now, when it came to selecting a technology to support your Balanced Scorecard initiative, you had two options.  Either juggle a set of spreadsheets and print and mail out results, or ante up for a very expensive and complicated software solution.   

Times have changed.  Now companies and organizations who plan and track financial and non-financial Performance Measures, PM-Express is a flexible modeling, tracking, reporting and Balanced Scorecard solution.  It facilitates decision-making, targeted performance tracking, and on-demand graph generation.  Unlike desktop spreadsheets and standard accounting packages, PM-Express supports:

  • Remote target/result collection

  • Remote query/reporting

  • Simultaneous system access

  • Point and click dynamic graphing

  • Financial and non-financial reporting

  • Balanced Scorecards on demand

  • Secured user access

  • Export or E-mail data/results

And it does it all in a simple package that's easy to install and set up, and can be configured and managed over the web using a standard web browser.




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